TV broadcast control room commissioning

With a plethora of video and audio production equipment, the broadcast control room is the nerve center of the TV production areas. With equipment coming online, the complicated connectivity of these areas is the focus of the broadcast integrators.
IMG_6916 1 IMG_6949 1

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Exterior shot (video)

With the exterior of the building complete and landscape/hardscape installed, here is what the building looks like from Lazarro Plaza (corner of Childs and Watt Way next to Cromwell Field).

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Window color treatments in the forum

Although the interior of the atrium is mostly white, there are several areas of color that stand out. One is the wood paneling that runs along many surfaces. There will also be LED lit panels along the walkway to the second floor (May 23 – Colored LEDs tested for forum).
Finally, there will be color window treatments. Currently some of the approved mockups (pictured below) are visible on the second floor and are currently being evaluated before the final colors and patterns are selected.


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Office and classroom furniture installation beginning

Although some of the building has custom millwork, the majority of the furniture is modular office and classroom units. This week the second large delivery of this furniture is scheduled to arrive. Crews then set to work installing and configuring the furniture according carefully arranged set of plans that takes into account room functionality and flexibility. Last week furniture in the staff support area and a few of the office on the first floor had furniture installed.
IMG_6804 1 IMG_6787 1

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Classroom millwork installed (cont.)

Since the initial install of millwork in the parliamentary-style classrooms in the lower level (May 30 - Classroom millwork installed), finishing crews have added laminate and other finishes and are now ready for final coats of paint on the walls and flooring.
IMG_6800 1

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Classroom A/V install

For the last several months audio-visual contractors have been preparing classroom spaces for installation of A/V systems. This included hanging projectors, running cables, installing wall boxes, and more. The actual equipment was prepared off site and was delivered already mounted in equipment racks.
Now these crews are hooking up the equipment to the previously installed components and beginning the thorough testing process.

When completed, each classroom and A/V equipped meeting space will have it’s own custom A/V system that includes a touch sensitive interface panel, digital TV feeds, wired and wireless laptop and mobile device connectivity, and depending on the  size of the room, single/dual projectors or large LCD screens.
IMG_5902 - Version 2 IMG_6795 1IMG_6697 1

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Cafe nearing completion

In addition to the installation of glass display cabinets, crews also completed counter installations and the wood facade.
The cafe will be the first permanent food venue for Annenberg. In the existing Annnberg building the only food service is the Annenberg Coffee Cart in the lobby. The new cafe will be managed by USC Hospitality Services and provide a larger selection.
IMG_6827 1

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Auditorium progress

The auditorium (lower level) is in the final phases of completion. The final maple wall paneling is being installed and the seats (although still in boxes) are in rows. In the next couple of weeks the artwork will be installed, the seats will be secured to the floor, and the final flooring covering will be laid.

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Media center carpet and furniture installed

In rapid succession, the carpet in the media center was installed, floor boxes for data and power put into place, and then the furniture arrived and was installed.
With these installations the media center is looking very close to being complete.
IMG_6500 img_5969 - version 2img_5956 - version 2

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Classroom millwork installed

Several of the classrooms including two parliamentary-style (pictured below) are having millwork installed. As soon as the millwork is in place, finishing crews will add laminate and other finishes.
img_5929 - version 2

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