Cleaning and sealing concrete floors

Although most of the classroom areas are carpeted, most of the hallways and other open areas are finished concrete. This treatment involves several steps and leaves the concrete smooth and polished. The first step of this process is to use a special industrial grinder to remove about an eighth of an inch of material in small rows. This helps even out the slightly taller spots and makes sanding much more efficient. Then a massive sander is used to grind the floor smooth. During both of these steps, a high-velocity vacuum is used to remove the fine dust that is generated and keeps the area clean. Once sanded, the floor is cleaned again using brooms and mops. Then the final sealant is applied. Once this process is complete, the floor is smooth, level, and shiny.IMG_5244 - Version 2 IMG_5351 - Version 2IMG_5266 - Version 2IMG_5260 - Version 2

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