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Scaffolding removed from eastern wall

Scaffolding used by shotcrete crews removed revealing the entire eastern face of the building with concrete work complete. Next phase of exterior work includes weatherproofing and brick and precast installation.

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Exterior precast molds

These are some of the large precast sections of the building’s exterior at the precast concrete plant in Mexico. Precast concrete is produced by creating a form into which concrete is poured to create the desired piece. The pieces are … Continue reading

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Media wall steel frame install

Crews prep, measure, mark, and weld support beams. The massive steel frame arrived fully assembled from Cal State Steel on a flatbed truck.  A hydraulic crane from Hill Crane with an extension jib added, allows crews to drop the frame … Continue reading

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Roofing getting second layer of material

With the install of the sheet metal on the roof structures complete, crews are now working to install a layer of plywood. Eventually the visible roof will be tile.

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Drywall progressing

In addition to new wall studs being put in, many walls on floors 1-3 are now being drywalled.

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Air ducting installation underway

The installation of ducting for the HVAC system is well underway. These large conduit take several workers to wrangle into position and then make the necessary connections before securing it.

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