Forum railing install

With a large open area (the Forum) running from the basement to the fourth floor, there are a lot of railings. Prior to the  installation the railings, they need to be painted to match the color scheme. Crews have developed an assembly line for spray painting both sides, moving the painted units into the building and then installing them.

IMG_4030 - Version 2 IMG_4037 - Version 2

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2 Responses to Forum railing install

  1. Emma Kiselyova says:

    hey, this is a great website! Really, one can feel like being part of the project, with all the details, like
    your own house were built!
    for those who will not be there on June 1, and not even in May, would it be possible to
    see the latest update in April?
    thank you,
    Emma Kiselyova

    • Joel Zink says:

      Hi Emma. Glad you’re enjoying the blog.
      The plan is to continue posting until August so that everyone can keep up on the progress throughout the summer.


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