Future patio area

The south side of the building will feature classrooms with wide doors that open out onto a patio area (where the pile of gravel is now).IMG_1120 1

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3 Responses to Future patio area

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for the nice shot and updates. This is one design choice in the building that I’m curious about — why have a classroom lead to the patio instead of the cafe? The cafe is on the Watt Way side and completely enclosed instead of taking advantage of spilling over to the outdoors. Maybe space constraints dictated this, but thought it was odd when I first saw that layout.

    • Joel Zink says:

      Thanks for your comment Mike. That room is a classroom but also an event space that is designed to flow out to the patio area. This room is already going to be the space used for luncheon lectures and other reoccurring events where people come and go throughout the event.

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